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When healthcare advances, so must the processes to connect patients to the therapies they need. And because a rapidly changing cell and gene therapy industry requires an equally innovative partner, AmerisourceBergen is committed to delivering solutions that enable this connection.

Let’s build the future together.
Cell and gene therapy commercialization

For manufacturers

Distribution and Commercialization Services

From pre-clinical and commercial logistics to distribution and order to cash solutions, our experts can help you navigate the right options for your therapy. Our extensive reach has served patients for clinical trials and commercial distribution in the US, and in more than 50 countries worldwide.
Cell and gene therapy insights

For providers

Market Access and Reimbursement

We’ve helped commercially support 100% of the cell and gene therapies on the market today. Our experts offer market access, reimbursement and specific therapeutic area insights to help manufacturers understand the unique market landscape.
Cell and gene therapy patient services

For patients

Impacting Patient Support

Hub services provide a holistic and comprehensive approach to ongoing patient support. We have the flexibility to design unique programs incorporating a full array of access, adherence and affordability solutions that meet patient needs. 
Cell and gene therapy consultants

Working together with manufacturers to identify and overcome barriers

Cell and gene therapy consultants
Our consultative approach and extensive reach across healthcare give us access to the best insights in the industry—insights we leverage to help reduce logistics, order-to-cash, clinical trial, commercialization, and patient support challenges for our partners and the patients they serve.

Cell and gene therapy consultants
  • Complete data solutions provide visibility to the patient journey

  • Innovative patient access, affordability and adherence solutions unique to cell and gene therapies
  • Expert guidance on market access, reimbursement and policy
  • Complete logistics support, from pre-clinical through clinical trials to commercialization and post-launch solutions to ensure product quality standards are maintained 
  • Established relationships with thousands of healthcare providers optimizes the order to cash process and ease of prodcut access

Redefining moments that matter

We approach every touchpoint along the cell and gene therapy commercialization and treatment timeline with the patient in mind. When we all collaborate to deliver potentially life-saving solutions, we can start redefining the moments that matter for patients, clinicians and our key stakeholders.
cell and gene therapy consultants

Connect with our experts

Glen Martin, VP, Branded & Specialty Rx Channel Strategy & Strategic Accounts

Melissa Lattanzi, Sr Director, Specialty & Branded Channel Strategy and Product Access

"Innovative delivery systems, like cell and gene therapies, are requiring new levels of coordination and orchestration of multiple services, from scheduling and complex logistics to provider preparation and patient services, in order to ensure treatment success. We have an incredible opportunity to meet the growing challenges of our industry and be the 'go-to' global partner for manufactures in need of specialty solutions from clinical through commercial life stages."

Doug Cook

EVP and President, Global Commercialization Services and Animal Health

Our partnerships

Collaboration is essential to the creation of clinical and commercial scale logistics platforms. In order to support therapy developers, we have integrated systems and technology with a number of key partner organizations.
  • Vineti
  • Cytiva
  • TrakCel
  • Savsu Technologies
  • Advanced Therapies Treatment Centres

Manufacturer commercialization Services

Manufacturer Commercialization Strategy

Manufacturer commercialization Services

AmerisourceBergen is the only pharmaceutical commercialization partner with the combination of proven solutions, diverse perspectives, and unmatched scale to make the most of scientific advances and change patient lives for the better. We build partnerships that unlock product potential and get medications to patients who need them.

Let's work together to envision new paths to healthier futures around the world.

Manufacturer commercialization Services

Cell and Gene Therapy Insights

Autologous cell and gene therapies


Webinar: Key insights on the clinical to commercial transition for autologous therapies

September 2021

Commercial supply chain strategies for cell and gene therapies


Webinar: Commercial supply chain strategies for cell and gene therapies

August 2021

optimal cell and gene therapy supply chain and tracking outcomes


Webinar | Cell and gene therapies: Clinical supply chain considerations

August 2021

In the News

Xcenda's Ana Stojanovska Shares Insights on Market Access and Reimbursement for Cell and Gene Therapies with pharmaphorum

August, 4, 2020

Xcenda has worked with 100% of the cell and gene therapies launched in the US to date—and many of the pipeline assets currently in development. With this experience and expertise, Ana Stojanovska, Vice President of Commercial Consulting at Xcenda, shares perspectives on market access and reimbursement.

In The Realm of Cell and Gene Therapies World Courier Delivers

January 15, 2020

With the advent of cell and gene therapies, getting those treatments to the right patients at the right time requires both manufacturers and suppliers to offer the most reliable and timely logistics possible. With the FDA projecting it will likely approve as many as 10 to 20 cell and gene therapies every year by 2025, the stakes are being raised to get new treatments to market. As many of those new therapies are based on an individual’s own cells, patients themselves have become a key part of the new supply chain.

Unifying Cell Therapy Logistics and Manufacturing

December 5, 2019

Cell and gene therapies show promise as effective treatments, but there are some barriers to scaling them beyond the small numbers of patients they reach today. The supply chain and logistics for these advanced therapies are especially critical to ensure the right patient gets the right treatment at the right time. Collaboration is the key to solving challenges such as data management and process variability, as stakeholders work towards a common goal—getting these life-saving treatments to the people who need them.