Large Retail Pharmacies

Pharmacy Solutions

Customized business solutions that optimize your scale, volume and size

Our solutions help enable retail pharmacies to build a smarter path to profitability and become pillars of community care. We have long-standing experience in helping national and regional retailers initiate programs and services that enable comprehensive care for their patients. We also provide valuable business consulting to help increase revenue, optimize supply chain management, and provide patient support services.

A superior distribution network

Unmatched product access, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing are just a few ways that AmerisourceBergen stands out from other distributors. Our customers value the transparency, integrity, and trustworthiness that we bring to our client and customer relationships, as well as our timely responses to any issues that arise. Pharmacies also appreciate the reliability and dependability of our delivery, including next-day delivery on most products.

The role of distributors in healthcare

We efficiently supply hundreds of thousands of sites of care with life-saving medications every day–impacting the health and wellness of millions of people. Our innovative, scalable solutions help streamline the complexities of pharmaceutical sourcing and distribution for our business partners. 

Delivering a best-in-class experience for our customers

Operational and consulting support

With strategic consulting expertise in everything from inventory management and third-party claims collection to merchandising and shopper conversion, we help you optimize your operations for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Our team of experts can help you manage pharmacy issues related to returns processing, cost control, inventory optimization, and regulatory compliance.

Personalized guidance to grow your business

As retail pharmacies begin to think about how to expand their role in community care, our experts provide guidance on niche areas based on real-world data. Whether it’s developing a diabetes care center or adding an immunization program, we work with you to determine which services will help you increase your value and enhance patient care.                

What would happen in a world without distributors?

See the rise in cost and complexity

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