12 Ways Technology Will Shape Healthcare Delivery in 2020

See the solutions from the ThinkLive 2019 Innovation Showcase.

In October, AmerisourceBergen hosted more than 400 of our manufacturer partners at ThinkLive 2019. This year's global manufacturer summit included an innovation showcase, which offered attendees a comprehensive look at tech-enabled solutions from across the organization and an opportunity to explore the new ways we're connecting the creators of life-changing medicines with those who deliver care.

Here's what is poised to shape healthcare delivery in 2020 and beyond:

Innovation for the backbone of the healthcare supply chain

A cocoon shipping container with the door open, showing cooling gel packs in the internal frame.

1. In-home storage for clinical trial products. CubixxCT will expand the number of people who have access to clinical trials by providing secure, controlled and monitored storage for clinical trial products in patients' homes. For manufacturers, this technology also means expanding the geographic scope of clinical trial locations and improved patient recruitment and retention, two of the largest hurdles to new drug development.

2. Secure transport and storage for cell and gene therapies. World Courier and ICS combine their expertise in advanced shipping technologies and secure pharmaceutical storage and distribution for products with ultra-frozen and cryogenic temperature requirements. This ensures today's most innovative therapies reach the patients who need them. With the largest network of cryogenic charging stations and insulated towers designed to limit temperature deviations, these cryogenic transport and storage solutions enable more patients to be treated with life-changing therapies.

3. Efficient, effective transportation of temperature-sensitive materials. World Courier's Cocoon is the industry's most dependable and cost-effective passive solution for transporting pallet-sized shipments of temperature-sensitive materials. Qualified for 168 hours of temperature stability, Cocoon can increase access to global markets. SAVSU units enable the cryo-shipment of cell and gene therapies, while providing transport data in real time so that manufacturers can track the full cycle of the therapies, from manufacturer to patient.

4. Computer-aided vision for inventory management. The Cubixx® Machine VisionProject makes inventory management for high-value, high-volume, high-touch medications more efficient. The technology employs computer-aided vision and artificial intelligence with machine learning to "watch" and count products taken from shelves, reducing paperwork and manual counts for pharmacy technicians.


Powering access and adherence

5. A healthcare app for chronically ill patients. Patients with chronic illnesses have complex needs, a lengthy path to diagnosis and an overwhelming amounts of tests and paperwork. Chronically Simple, powered by Innomar Strategies, is designed to keep medical information at a patient’s fingertips and manage the daily administrative tasks of their diagnosis and treatment journey. Manufacturers get real-time patient behavior insights, which allows them to evolve their patient services and optimize outcomes.

6. Faster patient access to therapies. The innovative suite of eServices from Lash Group includes electronic benefit verification (eBV). EBV decreases the amount of time before patients can receive needed therapies and reduces the administrative burden on providers. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, the eBV solution predicts real-time payer and plan changes, improves the accuracy of benefits information and decreases time and intervention for approvals.

Lash Group's adherence programs use predictive analytics and individualized risk assessments to deliver personalized interventions for patients. Programs also drive improved adherence and behavioral change with the industry's first hub solution to leverage mobile engagement to reach patients before the first fill.

7. Medication packaging with built-in adherence monitoring. Cubixx DT's single-dose packaging with real-time tracking is a medication adherence solution that delivers real-time adherence information to key stakeholders. Each pack's self-contained infrastructure requires no additional action from patients and doesn't disrupt healthcare providers' workflow.

Turning data into insights and extending your reach

8. Access to qualified patient populations and community-based practices. The AdvanceIQ Network from IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions™ extends manufacturers' reach for clinical research. Centralized points of contact and research site identification and selection improve the efficiency of research efforts, opening the door to study awareness, feasibility and communication. The solution also leads to increased research efficiencies with simplified selection, enrollment and contract management. This reduces the time it takes to start the research process.

9. Better engagement with the healthcare providers who influence your brand’s performance. CustomConnect® is AmerisourceBergen’s portfolio of multi-channel marketing programs that connect pharmaceutical brands and consumer product manufacturers to retail and hospital pharmacy and physician customers. Tailored messages integrate seamlessly into customers’ workflow to drive successful partnerships and maximize product performance.

10. Improved information exchange between manufacturers and payers. Xcenda's FormularyDecisions platform facilitates product value dialogue between manufacturers and the payers who make formulary decisions. It is a space for manufacturers to drive awareness of their brands and proactively exchange information with healthcare decision makers. They can also review product metrics and benchmarks to assist with strategic planning.

11. Aggregated specialty pharmacy data. IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions created SRx Fuse based on aggregated health systems’ specialty pharmacy data. Its interactive, online dashboard lets manufacturers access data that was once available only from disparate sources. Manufacturers use that data to better understand product demand and create improved dispensing models to gain insight into specialty drugs that are aligned to specific patient populations.

12. Improved insights on the product journey. CERTIO® helps manufacturers manage inventory, forecast sales and track formulary status, allowing full visibility into their product's journey through the AmerisourceBergen network. This platform assists pharmaceutical manufacturers in product life cycle management and other tasks that promote successful outcomes.

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