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AmerisourceBergen Specialty GPOs

Connecting critical therapies with proven provider networks across all sites of care

Ensuring critical specialty therapies reach providers and the patients they serve has never been easier

We now deliver a seamless, curated GPO experience that provides unmatched access driven by advanced insights, industry-leading expertise & customer-centered innovation. Our differentiated capabilities are now delivered through seamless, curated partnership and streamlined service.

  • A single point of contact and a unified AB team aimed at creating greater access for providers and healthier futures
  • Curated contracting strategy with any or all of the defined classes of trade and sites of care
  • Specialized support to match your entire product portfolio- particularly in areas previously unavailable for GPOs
  • Comprehensive market access through proven provider networks across all sites of care
  • New on-demand insights and reports that put you in control of the information you need, when you need it
  • Empowered brand communications and knowledge through targeted programs and promotions
  • A solidified commitment to patients through industry stewardship and advocacy

Simplified access to healthcare delivery channels

We’ve simplified and enhanced our GPO offerings across multiple specialties and healthcare delivery channels:
GPO - infusion centers
Infusion centers
GPO - integrated delivery networks
Integrated delivery networks
GPO - health systems
Health systems
GPO - specialty providers
Specialty practices
GPO - on-demand insights

Putting you in control of your information

GPO - on-demand insights

New* on-demand insights and reports that put you in control of the data you need, when you need it. The digitization of GPO reports improves your ability to access the latest reports on demand. *Feature coming soon.

  • Retrieve historical publications of reports on demand 
  • See contract performance by product, filter data, and download data to Excel as needed
  • Access detailed rebate payment status to understand invoiced amount and payout progress by product, upload your payout detail files, and chat with your designated AB rebate analyst 
  • Quickly submit tickets and track status of any report inquiry and more
GPO - on-demand insights

Introducing GPOconnect

The power of a connected GPO model

AmerisourceBergen has made a significant investment in a best-in-class digital portal that gives you on-demand insights that empower:

  • Streamlined interactions
  • Improved data accuracy and availability
  • Greater transparency and trust in data integrity

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