AmerisourceBergen’s clinical trial solutions

Medical technician accessing medication from CubixxCT

Automating inventory management for hospitals and clinical trial sites

Medical technician accessing medication from CubixxCT
AmerisourceBergen’s clinical trial solution is built with your clinical process in mind. Automated tracking enables supply chain transparency and real-time reporting at your hospital or clinical trial site.
Medical technician accessing medication from CubixxCT

Capture real-time patient data through a customized user interface

Supply chain transparency
  • RFID-enabled inventory management automates inventory visibility 
  • Automates reorders and enables specific, proactive demand forecasting based on actual patient needs
  • Customer-defined inventory controls capture data relevant to your clinical trial segment
Real-time reporting with real-time data
  • Minimizes inaccuracies and labor costs caused by manual data collection
  • Around-the-clock monitoring in an access-controlled environment automates drug quarantine notices, temperature variation, and security alerts for immediate action
Comprehensive tracking at all hospital and clinical trial sites
  • Centralized online dashboard provides oversight of one or more locations
  • Enables product integrity across multiple points of care and trial sites to mitigate inventory loss
  • Secures data capture and transmittal 
  • Compatible technology integrates with IVRS, IWRS, CTMS, and EHRs

Extending clinical trials to patient homes 

AmerisourceBergen also provides secure, controlled, and monitored storage of trial products in patient homes. Our pharmacy-grade, compressor-free refrigeration system is designed to meet the stringent guidelines for controlled storage of investigational products, pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, and medical devices. It provides patient convenience and expands the geographic scope of clinical trials.

Expanding the reach and possibilities for global clinical trials

Enhances the clinical trial experience
  • Broadens population to home­-based patients 
  • Enables proper medication storage, particularly when temperature monitoring and control is critical
  • Limits access to caregivers and patients only
Securely and cost-effectively extends clinical trials to patient homes
  • Helps to reduce clinical trial visits and associated costs
  • Added convenience may lower patient withdrawal rates
  • Data recorded in real-time improves product visibility and transparency
Offers centralized control in non-clinical settings
  • Online, centralized dashboard enhances oversight of all patient locations
  • Cellular information transmitted in real time to defined stakeholders
  • Integrates easily with IVRS, IWRS, CMS, and EMRs

Customizable user interface meets patient needs

  • Touchscreen user interface works easily for patients of any age, while ensuring peace-­of-mind security
  • Patient data is quickly captured and shared to all appropriate stakeholders
  • Options include video or written instructions, toll-free patient assistance number, and multiple languages

Interested in our clinical trial solution?

We work with you to solve your inventory management challenges through one of our solutions or a custom plan tailored to your individual needs. Reach out to learn more.