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Fridgeration distribution center

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Fridgeration distribution center
Product success depends on more than approval and availability. Often it hinges on affordability, or adherence, or prescriber awareness, or a combination of dozens of other factors. AmerisourceBergen understands this and has spent decades partnering with brand and specialty manufacturers to optimize each stage—and each decision—along the product lifecycle. Our Signature® commercialization solutions are tailored to the needs of each product to maximize results. It’s no wonder we’ve played a role in the success of virtually every specialty product over the past 20 years.
Fridgeration distribution center

Reaching patients nationwide and enabling quality care


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Ensuring access

Patient health depends on product access. That’s why we work directly with pharmaceutical manufacturers to deploy access strategies that allow patients to receive medications when and where they are needed most. Our distribution infrastructure leads the market, with tens of thousands of healthcare providers relying on us as a trusted partner—from retail pharmacies to health systems, specialty pharmacies to specialty physician practices and alternate sites of care. 

Maximizing coverage

Ensuring coverage for your product is key to a successful launch. We offer a variety of solutions to help you obtain insight into the payment landscape and payers' decision-making processes, as well as to help you identify, demonstrate and deliver your brand’s value proposition to key healthcare stakeholders.

Outsourced logistics and business process solutions

Our decades of experience working across the supply chain ensures the integrity of your specialty product at every step of its journey. Our flexible logistics and distribution solutions help increase your speed to market so that your product can reach providers and patients sooner.

Grow market share through targeted promotions

Connect with the customers who influence your product’s performance most. Our CustomConnect® marketing program seamlessly integrates your product message into customers' workflows so your communication stands out and gets recognized. Whether you’re looking to raise awareness for a new product at launch, or initiate promotion to address a new competitive entrant, we can help you reach customers across all classes of trade.

Supporting the provider experience

At AmerisourceBergen, your customers are our customers. We are committed to minimizing provider burdens and ensuring a positive experience with your product. Our technology solutions help practices manage expenses and optimize their businesses. And with our reach into key customer segments, we can help increase product awareness and pull-through to tens of thousands of prescribers and health systems. 

Field reimbursement support

Understanding the complex coverage and payment landscape is critical to the success of any practice. Our field reimbursement specialists remove barriers to patient access by educating providers on local and regional payer issues, coding changes, appropriate claim submission and correct utilization of patient assistance programs. 

Inventory management solutions

CubixxMD provides automated tracking of inventory across multiple office locations and works seamlessly with clinical workflow for buy-and-bill pharmaceuticals used by physician practices. By reducing the administrative burden, practice staff has more time to focus on patient care. 
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