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Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, fewer people are maintaining medical appointments or seeking medical care out of concern over the spread of COVID-19. However, postponing routine checkups and screenings can be detrimental to patients’ future health. Healthcare providers are working vigilantly to ensure patient and staff safety during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic–helping patients feel comfortable about returning to hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices for important screenings and treatments. 


Of adults surveyed have used telehealth services for an appointment with a doctor, hospital or specialist in light of the pandemic.


Of adults surveyed are likely to visit their primary healthcare provider for treatment not related to Covid-19.


average decrease in weekly screenings for breast, cervical, and colon cancers in 2020.


Maintaining care today for a healthy tomorrow

Health screenings are an important part of preventative healthcare. People who see their doctor regularly and maintain routine screenings are more likely to receive an early diagnosis if they develop a medical condition, which can contribute to better patient outcomes.

Why are health screenings important?
Routine screenings allow physicians to compare test results over time, increasing the chances that a potential problem can be prevented. Regular physicals, colonoscopies, cancer screenings (mammograms and prostate exams), cholesterol and blood pressure tests, and skin checks are all examples of important routine checkups that are integral to maintaining patient health.

Get Screened

Cancer screening recommendations and resources

AmerisourceBergen is proud to partner with the American Cancer Society on the "Get Screened" campaign which promotes the importance of routine cancer screenings while also helping remove barriers to care for millions of patients. With a special focus on health equity for all patients, our partnership provides resources for people who don't have a primary care doctor, who are uninsured or underinsured, or who have never been screened. Because concerns about affording care shouldn't be a barrier to quality healthcare.

Explore resources from the American Cancer Society around types of screenings, when to get them, and how they are covered by insurance.
McCoy-Tygart Drug administering the COVID-19 vaccine

Fearless Pharmacy

Fighting COVID-19 one vaccination at a time

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, independent pharmacies have gone above and beyond on the frontlines, providing continuous care to their communities and so much more. From education to vaccination and all the acts of kindness in between, there are countless examples of humble heroism taking place every day in pharmacies across the country.

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