A Day in the Life of a Distributor

Getting critical healthcare products to the patients who need them is all in a day's work for AmerisourceBergen.

We distribute 1.9+ million product lines

from 40+ distribution centers

and every day, we service 50k+ healthcare facilities

And that's not even all we do.  The role of the distributor spans the healthcare supply chain from before a product even launches to far after it's prescribed.


Every day, we are...

...a solutions provider and marketplace.

Ensuring the right product gets to the right patient at the right time demands right-sized infrastructure and technology. Our people and processes are scaled to meet customer needs for optimal product access.

“By investing in solutions and services for our customers, we’re helping improve patient access and outcomes.”

Bob Mauch, EVP and Group President, Pharmaceutical Distribution and Strategic Global Sourcing

...a guardian

On a daily basis, we are committed to protecting the healthcare supply chain against fraudulent activities and misuse that harms patients. 

“Distributors must create a supply chain that is safe and secure. We must ensure our customers are licensed and registered with appropriate entities like the DEA and state boards of pharmacy." 

Steve Collis, Chairman, President & CEO

...an intelligence provider.

Our day-to-day work often begins before a product even launches, bringing our deep understanding of customer needs to help manufacturers determine the best channel strategy for their products. 

"When thinking about their distribution decisions, manufacturers should really think about how customers prefer to access products."

Joe Cappello, Vice President, Planning and Integration, Strategic Global Sourcing

...an industry builder.

Today’s specialty products are more valuable than ever. With 49% total market share of specialty distribution to U.S. physician practices and serving 95% of U.S. hospitals with specialty medications, know what it takes to manage the logistics, financial risk and provider relationships associated with these high-value products.

"Our customers choose to work with prime vendors or our specialty distributors because they appreciate the total value that wholesalers bring to the supply chain and to patients." 

David Rurka, Senior Director, Specialty and Brand Channel Strategy and Product Access, Strategic Global Sourcing

...a bridge across the supply chain

Connecting manufacturers to providers is the core of what we do. Ultimately, that requires much more than pick, pack and ship. And we do it. Every day.

"We touch tens of thousands of customers every day.  We work with manufacturers to ensure life-saving and life-changing medications reach the patients who need them, at all points of care and wherever patients choose to go. We provide manufacturers with the insights and support they need to maximize their product’s potential."

Beth McMahon, VP, Branded & Specialty Contracts